Sunday, 19 June 2011

Anjuman Shahzadi Mujra Hot Sexy Photos Biography Hot Mujra Videos 2011

Anjuman Shahzadi Mujra Biography
Anjuman Shahzadi is a stage Actress and dancer. She is very popular stage Dancer. She acted in a large number of stage plays. She is very hot dancer. People likes her dances very much and come to see her dance in stage dramas. She performed in Punjabi stage show in Lahore and other cities of Punjab. She is very famous for her bold dance. She was banned on stage because of her bold dance. She gain lot of popularity in very short time. She performed very bold dance in her Cds. Anjuman Shahzadi is very sexy  dancer. She is beautiful and have very sexy figure. Anjuman Shahzadi Mujra Cd's are very  much in demand in all over the world.

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Anjuman Shahzadi Mujra
Anjuman Shahzadi Mujra
Anjuman Shahzadi Mujra
Anjuman Shahzadi Mujra
Anjuman Shahzadi Mujra

Anjuman Shehzadi-Kurti A Gili Gili-Mujra

Raat Nu Jay Tu - Anjuman Shehzadi Mujra

Anjuman Shahzadi 2

paree ishaq day kunjroo (anjuman shahzadi mujra) HD

mujra Trailer anjman hot mujra

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