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Hina Shaheen Mujra Hot Sexy Photos Biography Hot Mujra Videos 2011

Hina Shaheen Mujra Biography
Hina Shaheen (born 16 Oct 1970) is a Pakistani TV, film & stage actress. She is the younger sister of Pesto films top heroin Mushrat Shaheen. She has achieved particular success earlier 2000.

She started her career as television actress and acted in few TV serials in earlier 90s. After that she turn toward Film industry and acted in few films Dil in 1991 was her debut movie with, Reema, Shan, but she never get much response and she never get leading roles. After failure in film she turn towards stage dramas. Her stage performances brought her much needed fame now she only work in stage dramas.

She is very popular because of her super hit dance in stages plays. She acted in a large number of stage plays and earn fame from it. People likes her dances very much and come to see her dance in stage dramas. Her stage dramas almost sold out before starting. Hina Shaheen Mujra Cd's are very popular in Pakistan market and it sell like hot cakes. She performed in Punjabi theater in Lahore and other cities of Punjab. In 2009 Due to her fame in stage dramas she get the role in Saleem Bajwa movie Chana suchi muchi staring, Saima, Momar Rana, Baber Ali.

She is beautiful with ideal sexy Punjabi heroine figure.

Hina Shaheen Mujra 
Hina Shaheen Mujra  
Hina Shaheen Mujra 
Hina Shaheen Mujra 
Hina Shaheen Mujra 

sohnian akhain walay - Hina Shaheen mujra Dances

eshiqe da dhada va roog - Hina Shaheen mujra Dances

Mein Jawani Da Pahara Hina shaheen Mujra

Hina Shaheen Latest Very Hot Mujra Hot 1221 HD1

hina Shaheen HOT MUJRA

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